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Pr-News.co.in is a new service that intends to set the standard in free/paid online Press Release Distribution, to all from, small to medium sized companies to large enterprises.

Pr-News is a possession of Press Release/News, a provider of free/paid PR/News to media professionals around the world.

Once news submitted to Pr-News has been approved it is available not only to visitors to our site, but also to most important search engines.

All submissions will remain in our searchable archives indefinitely.

Users are invited to submit their PR or News, providing their News/PR releases are presented in an acceptable format.

Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions prior to posting Pr/News to Pr-News for the first time.

Expand Your Audience/User/Customer Reach

Aside from professional media, our site also attracts consumers. This helps you get information directly to the general public via the Internet.

We appreciate your interest in PR News, and we look forward to being a valuable resource for you. If you have any questions, please contact our Helpdesk through mail (prnews.co.in@gmail.com). You may also subscribe to recent press releases by using our RSS feeds.

PrNews is a new service that aims to set the standard in free online Press Release Distribution.

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