Get Special offer of Hindu Ganesha God Statue Product –

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Get Special offer of Hindu Ganesha God Statue Product –

We at The Sakshat Experience attempt to bring to our clients and customers a virtual portal from where they can acquaint themselves with Hindu Statues and purchase the same for themselves. Beautiful, hand-crafted figurines of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Narasimha, Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, as well as exquisite paintings and fabulous murals adorn the modest collection of our online store. If you want to visit see detailed:

We take special care to procure the best quality products made of wood, bronze, glass and resin. Some of our statues are also silver plated, bearing antique designs, traditionally passed down through generations of artisans and sculptors.

Our first and primary objective is to bring the aspects of divinity first hand or SAKSHAT to our patrons the world over.

With free shipping, fair pricing and excellent packaging, we promptly send our products to everyone, in accordance to deadlines mentioned on our sites.

We at do not believe that divinity and faith can be sold. We simply attempt to humbly make Indian culture and tradition available to a global audience. The underlying principle of all our ventures is to generate a cross cultural association with people, communities and societies in the contemporary globalised world, so as to build and nurture a sustainable relationship of mutual faith and understanding.

We have reached homes and work spaces in … and our network of subscribers and patrons has been steadily increasing every passing year/month.

The Sakshat Experience is proud to present the world community an invaluable window to not only glimpse but participate in the vast and rich field that is Indian Culture. As we all know, cultural heritages evolve with contact from other newer and different cultures. The beauty and mystique of India is aptly depicted in our figurines, murals and paintings sourced from sculptors and artists based all over India.

In the finest pieces in wood, bronze, resin and glass are hand-picked for our patrons from around the world.

These peerless specimens of art serve the purpose of not only representing the religious and mythological characters of Hindu mythology but also appeal to the true connoisseur for their individual value as representations of sheer artistic brilliance.

Our products now go out with a new set of lessons that help patrons place their favourite figurines and paintings in their proper perspectives. Our idols do not carry totemic values that may conflict with the sensibilities of those that do not feel inclined to idol-worship. Instead, each piece of our art carry symbolic meaning that can fortify individuals against the vicissitudes of modern life by embodying philosophical wisdom that lend fresh perspective to the most tedious and persistent challenges of contemporary life.

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