Hotel accommodations in Mladost in Sofia – What to See in Sofia’s City Centre

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Hotel accommodations in Mladost in Sofia – What to See in Sofia’s City Centre

The city of Sofia stands proudly as one of the most tourist friendly destinations in the former Eastern Bloc, and boasts an extraordinary array of attractions and things to do. It is the capital city of Bulgaria, and witnesses millions of tourists and travelers each year.

Getting into the city, especially the centre of the town, is remarkably easy, as the main train and bus station are both located here. The airport, which is also among the top airports in Eastern Europe, is only about 10 kms from the heart of Sofia. With all roads leading to the centre of the city, hotels in Sofia City Centre can also be found.

Hotel accommodations in Mladost in Sofia - What to See in Sofia's City Centre

The middle of town is a beautiful place to tour, as the most phenomenal attractions and memorable landmarks are generally situated here. Museums, parks, architectural marvels, and monuments are all found within the central districts.

Museums: One of Sofia’s crowning glories are its museums. This Eastern European city is certainly at the forefront of the region’s tourism, and its museums are leading the way. The main museum within the city centre is the National Museum of History, which is also one of the largest. There are more than 600,000 exhibits located within the history museum that cover everything relating to the historical timeline of this fair city. It also contains many of Bulgaria’s main historical events and situations, meaning visitors certainly come from all walks of life to see it. It is recommended that visitors set aside at least half a day for touring the museum. The Ethnographic Museum of Sofia highlights many of the costumes used in Bulgaria’s past, and should be explored. Other museums include the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Paleontology. Hotels close to Sofia airport

Parks: several important parks are located across the Sofia city centre. The Tsar Boris’s Garden is the largest and most significant parkland found in the inner city region of the settlement. It contains long pathways, ponds, mini forests, and during the cooler months, is blanketed with a misty, scenic fog in the early hours of the morning. Another of the parks in the city is the aptly named City Garden, which, as guessed, is a garden park found in the…well, city!

Monuments: due to its rich history, Sofia contains a number of monuments that are worthy of mention. Tourists can find the famous Monument to the Tsar Liberator and Vasil Levski in the downtown area of the city. These two monuments are great places to see historical points of the city. In addition to this, the Monument to the Unknown Soldier should also be seen.

Galleries: several art galleries are sporadically located across the inner districts of the city. The most famous, which is located in the Battenburg Palace, is the National Art Gallery, which contains a wide range of local and national art work from centuries ago to today. In addition to this, the National Gallery of Foreign Art is also worth taking the time to explore.

Churches: despite the fact that museums, galleries and parks can all be found in the city, Sofia’s churches are among the most beautiful in Eastern Europe. The most impressive is the monolithic St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which is an enormous Orthodox church. The Hagia Sofia is another church that should be visited, as it was constructed during the 4th century. Despite being destroyed by foreign invaders, the church is where the city derived its name from. Hotels close to European trade center in Sofia

Other: some of the other places worth mentioning for visitors is the large and stunningly designed Battenburg Palace, the Amphitheatre of Serdica, Battenburg Mausoleum, Sofia Zoological Park and the Sofia Synagogue.

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