Packing Tips – Important Items to Carry When Packing for India (Travel in India)

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Packing Tips – Important Items to Carry When Packing for India (Travel in India)

Are you planning for a long Trip to India? The question that comes in your mind is when you book for a Travel Packages in India.. Do we get all the things in India that we use?  Well, India is a fast growing tourist destination with fast rising economy. So the availability of all branded products and global brands is not a difficulty at all. Most brands of consumer goods and luxury brands one can get easily.

Travel in India

But still there are many such things that brings comfort to you and might be needing in your day to day life and unfortunately not easily available all over.  If you are packing your bags, then better keep such items that you feel is necessity for you

  • Snacks that You Usually Take: For long hours of Travel in India, you might be requiring some ready food to eat for extra energy. If you are not comfortable eating snacks which you get easily available at every roadside corner, then its always advisable to get it from your home town like pack for chocolate bars, protein bars, cereal or fruit bars that will fill you up in a moment. These products are not usually found in India although high calorie biscuits and variety of local namkeen (salty snacks) are available on every street corner.
  • Certain Medicines to Carry: While booking an India Tour, check what all places are covered in your itinerary? If going for North India Tour Package during winter season i.e in December, January then the common aliment medicines like cold and cough are perquisites. Such medicines like cold and cough, for fever, painkillers are available in any chemist shops or pharmacy in India with different names from the one you are used to. If you know the ingredients in your medicine, you can get the same under a different brand. But is always advisable to keep all such medicines that you might be needing on your Trip to India, where you need not to worry if alternatives will work or not. If you are on some special medication, then do carry required documents like a letter from your consulted doctor if by chance you need some medicine or had to see a doctor in India. Its always good if the active ingredient in the medication is mentioned in the documents.

 Travel in Inida

  • Personal Care Products: These are normally those things which you use daily in some way or the other like your shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, shaving lotion, razors, deodorant, soaps, tissues etc. These products are easily available in any shop all over India but if you any particular brand then first check its availability in Indian stores of or to avoid any regrets later for not getting it, just stuff it into your bag.
  • Electronics: Normally all the India Travel Packages cover Delhi, Agra, Rajastan. Being a metropolitan city, Delhi has got everything in its store. All modern gadgets, electronic appliances are available but for operation the power of 220V at 50 Hz is required. But for any electronic product from western countries like US, France, Germany or any other part of the world it operates on a 110V at 60Hz. For the purpose, keep an adapter plug and voltage converter or transformer if your device does not support 220V. With Delhi Tour Package you will not find difficulty as the tour covers most of the major metropolitan cities where finding a converter or transformer is not a difficulty. But if covering some rural parts of destinations then you may not get one or there might come the reliability issue. Don’t forget to carry spare batteries for your gadgets. There are changes to get fake batteries which are spoilt, run out soon or leak and damage your devices if touring in small towns or village of India.
  • Tampons and Panty Liners: Availability of sanitary napkins is not difficult, you can get almost at every part of India Tour. But things like tampons is not an easy thing to look for except for in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, so, its better to pack them with you for your India Trip. Female hygiene products are not easily available at the stores and at most places, even in the main cities. Pack them too for a comfortable India Travel Package.


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