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Important: All Press Releases/News are manually reviewed by our editor’s team. Press release submissions are subject to review and approval in harmony with our editorial and content quality guidelines. In addition, PR-News reserves the right to reject any press release submission for any reason whatsoever, without explanation. PR News shall be the final judge of the acceptability of material to be submitted within its ability to do so; this shall be without exception. In addition, PR News has the right to reject any approved press release at a later time; without explanation, if it was approved in error. Therefore, we cannot guarantee inclusion of your PR/News within our website or distribution network.

USER is responsible for the content and accuracy of all news copy and other information submitted by USER. Due to the volume of PR/News to PR-News and PR News cannot and will not be responsible for verifying any facts contained therein.

Pr-News does not promote any offers to buy or sell any securities. Pr-News has the right to deny or edit copy or other information as it sees necessary. Pr-news.co.in at its sole discretion has the right to delete any Press Release or News, free or paid, from its web site, pull any press release from dissemination or deny approval to any press release, free or paid.

 We do not allow following content, but not limited to –

  • Pornographic, adult or mature content not allowed.
  • Libelous, defamatory, threats or hate promoting content not allowed.
  • Copyright violations not allowed.
  • Private and confidential personal information not allowed.
  • Spamming, hacking, cracking, malware or viruses or related content not allowed.
  • No content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others
  • Non-English content not allowed.

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Feel free to contact us any time with any questions you may have regarding our Terms and Conditions/privacy statement. Our email address is prnews.co.in@gmail.com

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