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Avoid these mistakes before submit your press release on Pr News.

1. Lack of Content – We do not approve many press release because, they lack considerable or significant content. You should submit a press release that must not be too long or too short. Standard press release contains about 300-500 words for your Press Release/News.

2. All Upper Case Characters – We do not approve PR/News that is written in all upper case characters.  The title or Press Release/News body must be newsworthy.

3. Grammatical Mistakes – Proof read your press release before submitting it to PR News. The Press Release/News must be checked for typographical, grammatical, punctuation, formatting and readability errors.

4. Advertising – Do not write your press release like an advertisement. We accept news not advertisements.

5. Bad Formatting – Keep good formatting of your press releases. Avoid strange characters in your press releases. The PR formatting / spacing must be proper.

6. Copyright & Violations – Do not submit copied or copyrighted material in any manner that violates the copyright owner’s rights.

8. Use Meta Tags – add Meta tags properly, like Title, Description, and Keywords in SEO area, blow news body.

9. Choose Category/Sub Category- Select a specific Category/Subcategory according to your Press Release/News.

10. Use Only 1 Text Link- there should be only 1 hyper text link in Press Release/News body. If more than one link found they will remove or Press Release/News will be rejected, only one link is acceptable.

11. Use Image in The Post- we recommend the use at least one Image in your post.

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